The GSS service

A good night’s sleep is essential for restoring energy levels, allowing your body to perform vital ‘repair and upkeep’ functions, and maintaining your physical and mental wellbeing.

Unfortunately, sleep disorders are becoming more and more common, which means more and more people are not only failing to get the sleep they need, but are also at risk of developing often-serious related illnesses as a result.

Global Sleep Solutions is more than just a diagnostic and one-off treatment clinic – we provide ongoing sleep solutions for our patients, be it for simple snoring to more serious obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA). 

Our wholly private service provides fast and effective sleep assessments and tailored treatment programmes for our patients, and/or appropriate referrals to our network of specialists who work as part of our multidisciplinary team of sleep specialists.

Our aims are to raise awareness of the health risks around snoring and poor sleep with impaired daytime functioning, provide education on the cause and avoidance as well as treatment options available and give our patients access to life-changing treatment.