"I have found the SomnoMed product to be far superior to the one I had before. The previous device did not work if I rolled on to my back, and so I was forced to sleep on my side. The SomnoMed device remains effective in preventing my snoring in all sleeping positions. I find it much more comfortable to have a device which is comprised of two separate parts without a hinge, rather than the hinged devices I had used before. I think the design of the SomnoMed device, with the protruding lugs, is a very ingenious way of achieving the lower jaw support which is needed to prevent my snoring. I should like to thank you for your professionalism throughout this process. It has always felt that we were sharing the issue together… You operate in a long-term relationship kind of way, which is all too rare these days, and I commend you for it."
Jon Pike

"Delightfully, my wife reports that [the MAD device you fitted for me] is a success – in fact, a complete success! I have worn the device through each night and, other than some ‘getting to know you’ rubbing, it is been acceptably comfortable and not caused irritation."
Andy Mc

"I started going to Dr Aditi Desai's dental practice in 2009. I suffered badly from bleeding gums, and also mentioned that I didn't sleep well and always felt tired. Dr Desai suggested this might be diabetes, which spurred me to visit my GP for a blood test. Dr Desai was absolutely correct; I had type 2 diabetes and had been completely unaware of it.

"My diabetes is now under control with a small amount of medication and a healthier diet. I'm so pleased Dr Desai made this early diagnosis, which has improved my general health and helped me avoid many long-term complications from the condition."

"I would definitely recommend Dr Desai's work. She maintains a high standard of all-round healthcare and I hope she'll be my dentist for many years. Thank you!"
Duncan Wheelhouse

"I am writing to thank you for saving my marriage, my sanity, my health and ultimately my life. It sounds dramatic but it is true. I tried every available snoring device, pill, potion, wristband, mouthwash, mouth guard – even a watch – and nothing worked. 

"After a sleep test revealed that I had stopped breathing 38 times in a seven-hour sleep cycle – with the longest period being just over a minute – I tried a breathing machine, but to no avail. I was eventually referred to you, and I was very cynical to begin with – what would a dentist know about stopping snoring? A mouth guard, I thought, here we go again.

"But this device has literally changed my life. I took to it the first night and did not snore once. I normally wake up feeling like I have been hit by a truck, but I woke up feeling fantastic and my wife and I are getting on better than we ever have in the 21 years we have been married. 

"I am the CEO of a global enterprise and I have upset a lot of fellow road warriors on long-haul flights – not anymore. In fact, I find that I now sleep two to three times longer on a flight and wake up refreshed.  

"I am a type 2 diabetic and I recently went for my quarterly blood tests, which showed my blood sugars had reduced dramatically, my blood pressure and cholesterol were down, I had lost three kilos and, overall, my health had dramatically improved. 

"I can't recommend you and your service enough, and I am happy to discuss my experience further, or for people to email me at psanderson@cobragroup.com."
Paul Sanderson, Chief Executive Officer 

"When I first realised I had a snoring problem I thought that there was nothing that could be done about it, that it was just ‘one of those things’. However, the more it invaded my relationship with my partner, the more I wondered if anything could be done.

"My first port of call was the internet, and that directed me to possible surgery of the nose and throat. I was examined and then directed to take a sleep test and, after the subsequent diagnosis, I was referred to Dr Desai. By this point I was getting wary; it felt like I was being passed around a group of experts, all taking a cut of my fast-disappearing funds.

"All this changed after I met Dr Desai. I was immediately struck by her professionalism, expertise and genuine empathy with my problem. She explained exactly what was happening – why and how the physiognomy of my face/jaw was affecting my breathing and therefore making me snore. She then showed me several types of device and advised me on what would be best. Indeed, she is a user herself and her genuine belief in the system gave me confidence that I was in the right hands.

"The device was custom built and to my utter amazement I have never snored since wearing it! Moreover, I am sleeping much better and feeling more awake and alive than I have in years.

"I would recommend Dr Desai to anyone with a similar problem; not just because of her professionalism and the subsequent results, but also because she is a genuinely nice person and does a great job of making you feel at ease.”
Garry Coward-Williams

“In just five weeks Dr Aditi Desai has rectified an issue that has been five years in the making! I am delighted because I can now look forward to a good night's, undisturbed sleep, and the positive impact this has had on my family life and my work life is nothing short of incredible.

“When I hit 45 I began to snore – an age thing, helped along by my passion for red wine. Because of work stress, I always found it really hard to get to sleep and if, for any reason, I was woken in the night I could never get back to sleep.

“Unfortunately, this is what would happen most nights because my wife would (sometimes not so gently) roll me over onto my side to stop me snoring like a pig and this would invariably wake me up. It was frustrating for me, but not quite as much as it was for my wife. 

“Thank God I was introduced to Dr Aditi Desai of Global Sleep Solutions. It all began with a sleep test and then a moulding of my bite to create what is best described as a kind of sports mouth guard.

“It took a little time to get used to and I had to go back and get the device adjusted a few times for optimum effect, but now I can’t get to sleep without it. In fact, I can’t wait to get to bed and put the device in and genuinely look forward to a great night’s sleep.

“Aditi and her team have been amazingly supportive the whole way, with regular calls and emails to check my progress and they’re always ready to make adjustments and provide support. A true first-class experience, I have no hesitation in recommending Global Sleep Solutions, Dr Aditi Desai and her team. I just wish I had met her five years ago!” 
Edward Belgeonne, Founder & CEO Destiny Wireless