What does a dentist have to do with snoring and OSA?

Most people are more likely to regularly visit the dentist than the doctor, and a dentist is well placed to identify, screen and assess a patient at risk of developing a potentially fatal sleep disorder. 

If appropriately trained, a dentist is not only able to provide one of the treatment options for snoring and sleep apnoea, but also screen for another potential sleep disorder and refer you to the appropriate medical specialist.

Dentists are perfectly placed to be the main gatekeepers of upper airway encroachment issues. A few strategic questions in the form a questionnaire usually helps identify a potential sleep disorder.

By including this type of assessment in our initial and follow-up consultation routines, dentists become team players in the multidisciplinary field of sleep medicine, and we contribute to the overall health of society and the specific health needs of our patients.

In so doing we contribute tremendously in improving our patients’ Quality of Life (QoL).