The main causes of snoring

Snoring can be triggered by a condition or substance that stimulates muscle relaxation, through a build up of fatty tissue, or by an oedema in the body. Typical causes can include the following:

  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • heavy meals
  • smoking
  • sedative medication
  • being overweight
  • an ankle oedema that travels to the neck area when lying down.

Chronic snorers are most likely to be middle-aged men and menopausal women, who are possibly overweight or who have a large neck circumference. 

Other reasons a person may snore could be to do with their physiognomy, such as a narrow airway, retrognathic jaw (protrusion or extension of upper jaw), enlarged tonsils, a large over jet (or protrusion) of the teeth, an enlarged tongue, a low-lying palate or a long uvula.